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Cary Perlman and Tesla Godoy
Hi, I am

Cary Perlman

This is me and Tesla, my business partner, best friend, wife, and amazing life partner. This is our story and why we built Slipstream Auto Transport.

The Genesis of Trust: The seeds of Slipstream Auto Transport were sown by a group of individuals who believed in doing things differently. As partners with a shared love for helping people and a shared frustration with the lack of transparency in the auto transport world, we knew there had to be a better way. With a collective desire to rewrite the rules, we embarked on a journey that would redefine the experience of moving vehicles from one place to another.

A Promise to Be Different: Founded on the principles of fairness, kindness, and unwavering trust, Slipstream Auto Transport became more than just a business venture; it became a promise. A promise to provide a haven of comfort and ease in what is often a storm of stress. We knew that when people entrusted their vehicles to us, they were also entrusting us with a piece of their lives – and that is a responsibility we hold dear.

Turning Stress into Serenity: We understood that the prospect of shipping a vehicle, whether across state lines or across the country, can be a nerve-wracking endeavor. It's not just about getting a car from point A to point B; it's about the emotions, memories, and dreams that these vehicles carry. That's why we made it our mission to be more than just transporters – we're facilitators of peace of mind.

Building Bridges of Comfort: At Slipstream Auto Transport, every interaction, every transaction, and every mile covered is infused with our commitment to being fair, kind, and trustworthy. We're not just moving vehicles; we're building bridges of comfort, one vehicle at a time. Our dedication to transparency, clear communication, and putting our customers at ease has earned us the trust of individuals and families across the nation.

Join Us on the Journey: As you explore our services and learn more about our commitment, know that you're not just choosing an auto transport company – you're choosing a partner in your journey. We invite you to embark on this road with us, a road that's paved with respect, understanding, and a genuine desire to make your experience stress-free and memorable.

Thank you for considering Slipstream Auto Transport. We look forward to earning your trust and making your auto transport experience an exceptional one.

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